Cleaning your painted or stain finished cabinetry of dust, spills, and stains is an easy task that should be performed on a regular basis. Just as one would clean their countertops and dining room table multiple times a week, cabinets require that same love and attention. For dust and spills, it is best to wipe them away with a soft microfiber cloth that is slightly damp with water, followed by a dry cloth to wipe away any leftover moisture. Spills that have been overlooked and allowed to become stains on the surface might take a little more elbow grease and time. The key to succesful cleaning of built up stains without damaging the cabinet's finish is to use light pressure and always premoisten the stains with water using a q-tip or cotton swab. It is best not to spray the cabinets directly as this causes moisture to get into seams and areas that should stay dry. If a stain needs more cleaning power than just water, try making an equal mix of distilled white vinegar and water, adding a few drops of essential oils for a pleasant aroma. Cleaners such as orange oil can also be used on overlooked stains such as dried up tomato paste or even grease splatters. Dry all surrounding surfaces as soon as possible and prevent any moisture from going into the seams of cabinet doors.